Making music

Small Towns: Thompson, ND

In this week's Small Towns we travel to Thompson, North Dakota where a man's craft goes beyond simply playing music, but building it as well

Devils Lake High School bomb threat simulation

Devils Lake High School surprises students with emergency simulation

Students and staff at Devils Lake high school dealt with a surprise Wednesday morning. A fake bomb threat scenario played out that forced the school to put its emergency preparedness plans into place.

Youth sports

GR8 Parenting: improving your relationship with your children's coaches

It is a scene that plays out all too often -- violence on the playing field. Most often we think about it at the professional level, but it is increasing at the youth level as well. And the violence isn't limited to the athletes on the field.

Summer safety

Medical Minute: Outdoor and summer safety

You wouldn't know it by today, but temperatures will be climbing soon. That means the risk of outdoor danger for children will be on the rise as well. Despite this, there is some good news that could affect you and your family.

Steven Anthony Henderson

Suspects in custody, sheriff reacts to Norman County deputy shooting

A sheriff's deputy was shot twice today during a routine traffic stop in Norman County. His bullet proof vest saved his life.


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